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I am a multidisciplinary artist based in Cuenca, Ecuador.


I work with textiles—mainly weaving and embroidery, and photography and video to explore themes around superstition.

I am Intrigued by the idea that objects can be more than material things. In a superstitious world view an object can have power and become an amulet, or, if it had certain symbols in it, a talisman. Equally, under the superstitious logic, the law of similarity applies: anything that is similar will produce a similar effect. 

Whether it is in a literal sense, through my photography, moving image, or embroidered fabrics, or through woven abstractions, all my work is informed, in some way or another, by these superstitious beliefs.

I am currently working in collaboration with the Inter-American Center of Popular Arts and Crafts (CIDAP) on an image and textile based project exploring traditional pyrotechnics from the province of Azuay, Ecuador. 


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