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Artist Statement 

My practice brings together moving image, photography and woven textiles to make connections between events that would otherwise remain loose unnoticed fragments. This urge to connect and acknowledge the interdependence of all phenomena comes from my interest in nature and its cycles, the archaic mind, spirituality, and the ungraspable. I often explore these themes through narratives revolving around culture, geography, identity and superstition.

In my experimental work I reference customs and beliefs from my hometown in Ecuador, which is why my work is colourfully crafted; threads, hand made objects and traditional crafts are gathered to accompany and embellish my narratives. Constantly exploring how to give visual form to ethereal elements, my practice is not restrained or restricted, but becomes an on-going task of finding the pieces of a narrative’s puzzle. In this way, my body of work becomes strange and uncertain, with an animated and spontaneous structure and form.

My projects recurrently revolve around a single magnetic element that draws many pieces and fragments towards it. Whether it is a traveling seed that germinates in a forgotten pocket, or a cursed trinket passing on a malevolent curse, little objects are bestowed with symbolical meaning, and their power is capable of affecting my surroundings, health and behaviour, and in a larger scale, the traffic, weather, and astronomical events.

All these elements I am drawn to explore are subject to transformation; plants perish, objects break, culture mutates. I am influenced by the nature of these changes, and this is why work is somewhat playful and varied, but through it I aim to share anecdotes that address the constant change of my living environment.    

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